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Reverse Engineering Services is a process of converting 3D scanned data into a parametrically accurate 3D CAD model. Design and Automation Services offers Reverse Engineering Services to assist your physical needs. By using our 3D laser scanning technologies and 3D CAD software, we are able to assist you in capturing the measurements and enter them into 3D Product Development software.

3D Scanning Process

If the opportunity to use Reverse Engineering Services presents itself, D&A Services has more than 9 years of experience in providing such services to engineers, designers, and product manufacturers. Following ISO quality standards, we have the resources and capabilities to offer 3D Scanning services to our clients. We follow a carefully managed below process for 3D Scanning which includes:

  • 1. The client provides the physical components, Parts or share detail picture for our team’s review.
  • 2. We perform a laser scan of the component and extract cloud point data to our systems.
  • 3. Using this data, our team generates a 2D or 3D CAD model for use in product enhancement. This may include failure analysis, reproduction, general study, inspection, or application for a new product or design.
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Awesome Image
  • 3D Scanning
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Point clouds to 3D CAD
  • CMM inspection
  • Manual measurement of processing plant

If you are a manufacturer or a plant owner using equipment further than their design life; reverse engineering is the solution for you to remanufacturer and replace these parts with the exact original design and functioning.

Enabling engineering clients to restore obsolete design data, our reverse engineering services provide digital design information for the products to remain competitive in the market. Our close collaboration with client’s design team provides opportunities to explore alternative concepts or revamp existing ones, fueling innovation during product development process.

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